Our Mission:

Cascadia Concert Opera is dedicated to making exceptional and imaginative opera accessible to audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our Board Members:

Lois Stark, Board President

Sandy Naishtat, Board Treasurer

Tara Puyat, Board Secretary

Bereniece Jones-Centeno, Artistic Director, and Co-founder

Vincent Centeno, Music Director, and Board Member

Bernie Robe, Board Member

Lillian Hung, Board Member


Former Board Members:

Janene Nelson,  Co-founder

Amy Adams (2011)

Marieke Schuurs (2009-2011)

Kevin Helppie (2009-2013)

Jamie Galli-McGee (2010-2012)

Alison Slade (2012-2013)

Brittney Leemon (2016-2017)