Past Seasons

Fall 2016

Opera Fest 2016!

A series of scenes, highlights, and favorites featuring our talented cast of local artists.


Bernie Robe; Caroline Charl

ton; Brooke Cagno; Zachary Lenox; Sarah Kim; Brennen Guillory; Jocelyn Thomas; Phoebe Gildea; Lois Stark; Evan Mitchell; Rebecca Sacks; Erin Walker.



Nathalie Fortin and Andrew Pham




Summer/Fall 2015

La Serva Padrona & Don Giovanni


Serpina: Brooke Cagno/Shannon McAleb

Uberto: Sandy Naishtat

Vespone: Roy Lisi

Pianist: Nathalie Fortin/Olga Aynvarg/Andrew Pham

Music Director and Stage Director: Janene Nelson

Production Manager: Lois Stark




Don Giovanni: Brennen Guillory

Leoporello: Deac Guidi

Il Commendatore: William Hulings

Donna Anna: Janet Hackett/Rachael Marsh

Don Ottavio: Nicholas Larson/Chuck Gidley/Bernie Robe

Donna Elvira: Coral Walterman/Sarah Kim

Masetto: Tim McCoy

Zerlina: Sarah Benzinger/Amanda Taddeo

Pianist: Nathalie Fortin/Olga Aynvarg/Andrew Pham

Music Director: Vincent Centeno

Chorus: Noah Brenner, Caroline Charlton, Phoebe Gildea, Sarah Kim, Bernie Robe, Lois Stark, Miriam St. Clair, Samantha Volta, Stephen Voorhees, Erin Mikelle Walker




Summer/Fall 2014


The Old Maid and the Thief

Music Director: Bereniece Jones-Centeno

Stage Director: Scott Carroll

Pianist: Nathalie Fortin/Olga Aynvarg

OMT season poster


Miss Todd: Alyse Jamieson/Janene Nelson

Laetitia: Brooke Cagno/Sarah Benzinger

Bob: Matt Blumenstein/Philip Engdahl/Tim McCoy

Miss Pinkerton: Katherine Curtis/Phoebe Gildea/Alishia Piper






Music Director: Vincent Centeno

Pianist: Nathalie Fortin

Fidelio Season Poster


Florestan: Brennen Guillory

Leonore: Janet Hackett

Rocco: Deac Guidi

Jaquino: Nicholas Larson

Marzelline: Jocelyn Thomas

Don Pizarro: Harry Baechtel

Don Fernando: Sandy Naishtat




Summer/Fall 2013


Die Fledermaus

“With the presentation of “Die Fledermaus” (aka “The Revenge of the Bat”) on Friday night at the Shedd, Cascadia Concert Opera took another step toward maturity. The vocalists were uniformly good and up to the demands of Johann Strauss II’s coloratura writing…”    -Marilyn Farwell – Register Guard

fledermaus artwork

Music Director:  Vincent Centeno

Stage Director: Scott Carroll

Pianist:  Nathalie Fortin, Olga Aynvarg



Eisenstein:  Harry Baechtel/Nicholas Larson

Rosalinde:  Brooke Cagno/Janene Nelson/Coral Walterman

Adele:  Brooke Cagno/Chelsea Janzen/Jenn Lippert/Jocelyn Thomas

Alfredo:  Brennen Guillory/Nicholas Larson/Bernie Robe

Dr. Falke:  Gene Chin

Prince Orlofsky:  Alyse Jamieson/Janene Nelson/Rebecca Sacks

Frank:  Kevin Helppie/Sandy Naishtat

Blind:  Matt Leach/Bernie Robe

Ida: Sarah Benzinger/Colleen Gaskill/Janelle VanPelt

Chorus:   Rebecca Alexander, Karen Creighton, Colleen Gaskill, Chris Lamb, Tara Puyat, Bernie Robe, Lois Stark,  Calvin Yue



Summer/Fall 2012


The Merry Wives of Windsor

“The Cascadia Concert Opera’s production of “Merry Wives of Windsor” is impressive. As could be expected, the singers have a great range of vocal abilities and experiences…The performance was delightful.”              -Marilyn Farwell – Register Guard

Merry wives artworkRehearsal Director/Chorus Master:  Vincent Centeno

Pianist:  Julia Lin, Evan Paul


Sir John Falstaff:  Deac Guidi/Kevin Helppie/Sandy Naishtat

Mrs. Ford:  Bereniece Jones-Centeno/Coral Walterman

Mrs. Page:  Alyse Jamieson/Janene Nelson

Mr. Ford:  Deac Guidi/Don Kelley

Mr. Page:  Philip Engdahl/Sandy Naishtat

Ann Page:  Brooke Cagno/Alison Slade

Fenton:  Nicholas Larson

Slender:  Bernie Robe/Tom Talaba

Dr. Caius:  Stephen Vorhes

Chorus:  Colleen Gaskill, Ellen Walton, Emily Hopkins, Jana Barker, Julianne Graper, Karen Creighton, Rebecca Alexander, Tara Puyat, Bernie Robe, Stephen Vorhes, Tom Talaba



Summer 2011


Così fan tutte

This unique company is composed of seasoned singers who perform for a pittance. They travel to different venues in Oregon to provide free opera in English to people who otherwise could not afford or would not be able to attend an opera. Their high quality labor of love fills an enormous gap in Eugene’s opera scene…. [“Cosi Fan Tutte”] depends more on ensembles than arias, and Cascadia’s ensemble work was commendable. The duets and the famous trio were especially fine….the company is well worth seeing.”

-Marilyn Farwell – Register Guard

cosi artworkMusic Director & Pianist: Vincent Centeno


Fiordiligi:  Brooke Cagno/Coral Walterman

Dorabella:  Janene Nelson/Megan Sand

Ferrando:  Nicholas Larson/Karl Marx Reyes

Guglielmo:  Philip Engdahl/Sandy Naishtat

Despina:  Annie Reser/Sheerya Shivers/Alison Slade

Don Alfonso:  Kevin Helppie/Sandy Naishtat



Summer 2010


Tales of Hoffmann

“The latest entry into Eugene’s operatic soup is the Cascadia Concert Opera, a group of talented local musicians, many with professional experience, who present free opera in concert form and in English.  Last season they gave 11 performances in different Oregon cities of the challenging Jacques Offenbach opera “The Tales of Hoffmann.” The performance I saw in downtown Eugene’s Atrium buildinig was impressive.”

-Marilyn Farwell – Register Guard

UntitledMusic Director: Vincent Centeno


Hoffmann:  Derek Larson/Nicholas Larson

The Muse/Nicklaus:  Janene Nelson/Annie Reser

Lindorf/Coppelius/Dr. Miracle/Dapertutto: Kevin Helppie/Sandy Naishtat

Olympia:  Heather Holmquest/Alison Slade

Antonia:  Bereniece Jones/Allison Sanders

Giulietta:  Jennifer Quinnelly/Marieke Schuurs

Hermann/Luther/Schlemiel/Crespel:  Philip Engdahl/Kevin Helppie/Sandy Naishtat

Nathanael/Franz/Pitichinaccio/Spalanzani:  Derek Larson/Scott Wagnon

The Voice:  Amanda Christensen/Jillian Luger

Chorus:  Jana Barker, Colleen Gaskill, Steven Guitierrez, Heather Holmquest, Jillian Luger, Carol Newman, Tom Talaba

Pianist: Lauren Servias, Grace Ho

Rehearsal Director/Chorus Master:  Vincent Centeno

Stage Director: Shaffer McGee




Summer 2009


Gianni Schicchi

“Thus emerges a group such as Cascadia, which offers aspiring singers professional-level experience and presents opera in unconventional venues, where the singers just might create new fans of the operatic tradition….Few people outside the music world get to hear opera singers in a small room. The power of their voices can be bone-grippingly intense at close range.”                             

-Bob Keefer – Register Guard

 Musical Director and Rehearsal Pianist: Vincent Centeno

Pianist: Lauren Servias



Gianni Schicchi:  Sandy Naishtat

Lauretta:  Bereniece Jones

Zita:  Janene Nelson

Rinuccio:  Nicholas Larson

Nella:  Marieke Schuurs

Gherardino:  Nicole Forrest

Betto:  Philip Engdahl

Simone:  Kevin Helppie

Marco:  Don Kelley

La Ciesca:  Catherine Olson

Doctor Spinelloccio:  Webb Parker